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District 26 Information

District 26 Information

Every ten years, the national census counts people in our State and throughout the nation, providing new information about the sizes and populations of our communities.  With this data, reapportionment is conducted in each State.  This process reshapes district lines across Hawaii and ensures a fairer share of residents to be represented in each district.

District 26 encompasses Makiki, Tantalus, and Punchbowl.  This new District 26 includes the urban areas of Makiki and Punchbowl, the Tantalus mountainside, and the historic Hawaiian homestead communities of Papakolea, Kalawahine, and Kewalo.  

If you aren’t certain what your new district lines are, visit the State of Hawaii’s Office of Elections “View My Ballot” link at  Here you’ll be able to enter your address and see the Congressional, Hawaii Senate, Hawaii House, and Honolulu Council districts you will be voting in.


District 26 Community Contacts

Public Safety
Police, Fire, Ambulance
State Emergency Management Agency
State Highway Safety Hotline

Community Concerns
Abandoned Vehicles (City)
Board of Water Supply - Report Leaks
City Refuse & Bulky Item Collection
Hawaiian Electric Co. - Report an Outage (Oahu)
Hawaii Gas - Emergency
Hawaiian Telecom - Customer Care
Illegal Dumping Complaint Line (City)
Report Damaged Sidewalks (City)
Report Potholes (City)
Report Potholes (State)
Social Security
Senior Citizen Help Line (City)

Housing/Food/Transportation Support
Aloha United Way Helpline
(7 days a week, 7am -10pm)         
Catholic Charities
Food Stamps (SNAP)
Hawaii Food Bank
The Bus (Routes & Schedules)
Driver License Information
Handi-Van Operations


(808) 733-4300

(808) 831-6714

(808) 768-2530

(808) 748 5000

(808) 768-3200

(855) 304-1212

(808) 526-0066

(808) 643-3456

(808) 768-3203

(808) 768-8118

(808) 768-7777 

(808) 536-7852

(800) 772-1213

(808) 768-7700



(808) 521-4357

(808) 586-8047

(808) 836-3600

(808) 848-5555

(808) 768-9100

(808) 456-5555

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